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Works better for me than folding versions taking up more space in my bag. The one backpack I have I can fit 4 of these in, and would recommend having the best quality of the largest size you need, and a bunch of step up/down rings so you don/t have to buy new versions for every lens. Lens hoods should not be put on before filters, esp. ones that spin and may be hard as anything to unthread.
I was going to hate this thing as it does not offer much protection for your filters from dust. The case does not really seal tightly enough to keep dust out, plus I'm not crazy about them rolling around loose against the plastic liners. The jewel box cases most filters come with provide the best ding and dust protection, but this pouch will barely fit cases 62mm and larger, and even if you get them in you'll never get it closed. However, hard cases less than 55mm will slide in, and even though only three fit in this way (with a little coaxing), you can easily tell which filter is which, and the pouch will close. With a longer flap and another inch added to each side, this would fit larger ones in their jewel boxes quite well. I'm glad I could repurpose it for my smaller filters.
Great product. Use it a lot
I was looking for a small filter bag that can hold my CP in 77mm and three step-up rings without shedding any lint, and this Tiffen fit the bill. Surprisingly, it’s large enough that my CP fits with its case, and I use the rings without their cases. Overall, I’m happy with the quality and space. Thanks for reading.
Nice small silver case. Has a Velcro latch to keep the filters from falling out. Good for only the filter. If you want to use the filter case, it may be too tight for the slots, especially the larger size filters. Has a strap on the back so you can attach to a belt or holster camera case.
Well made pouch which should protect the filters. I would like it better if it zipped closed, instead of Velcro. Dirt and sand can get into it, so individual filter cases are probably a good idea if in that kind of environment.
I like the construction of this pouch. you can fit any size up to 82mm round filters in this bag.Made well, can attach it to a belt for easy carrying.I ordered two. Well worth keeping your filters safe!
Very good interior. Excellent and soft separation between the filters. However, the bag does not close heretically allowing dust to get in.
It is a filter pouch. I don't think the size range of the filters accepted is listed correctly.At the time of purchase, I also purchased an 82mm variable ND also of the Tiffen brand. The 82mm ND is a very tight fit. The filter will not fit at all with a step up ring attached. When stowing larger filters in this pouch, the internal structure holding stored filters becomes malformed. I usually only stow the variable ND and step up rings, so I have not been too bothered by this. I would worry if I had other filters I intended to store with my variable ND.